I posted earlier, but i guess i did not explain my promblem well enough...here it goes....I Have 11 miles on my WR , i Went out Saturday morning to start it , cold button pulled out. I 1st tried with the electric start about 4 times no longer than 10 seconds each as the manual says too. Then all i heard was the electric starter motor, so then i tried the kick start, about the second kick it backfired , but know start....Now when i kick it,it don't even sound like it want's to crank....the crank does not seem as smooth as it was before , i am afraid to even try it anymore, thinking i might do more damage.anybody have any suggestions....

You might have sheared the Woodruff key.....

Rich Baker

Sounds like the woodruff key shearing problem. Check the TT archives for more info.

Sounds like the woodruff key to me too.Take your left side cover off and check it out.If the bike is under warranty the dealer will fix it.It's an easy fix but in my opinion this should not be happening to so many of us.And the lousy jetting is another topic!We paid big bucks for these bikes and I expected better from Yamaha.

Jetting is in response to EPA mandate, Yamaha did the best the law allowes......at least we can change it, the jets in Street bikes are fixed, at least they were in my old XL250. And only 1 groove in the needle...I had to use washers to richen it :D:)

Rich Baker

I've got my bike at the dealer now, he told me that the bulletin say's all the bike need's is a new kind of woodruff key and locktite.....What did they do to your bike to fix this problem and do you think that this is enough to fix mine?

Sounds like the woodruff key sheared. Bummer.

As to the "fix" that your dealer is proposing... Well, I have my own opinion on that for what it's worth: If a bike shears the woodruff key then the taper mismatch between the crankshaft and rotor is severe. No amount of loctite, lapping or "different" woodruff keys will fix it. The crankshaft and rotor should be replaced, and when they are the taper match should be checked by the mechanic to insure it is 100% or you will have the problem again. If you do some digging in the archives, many people who have sheared one key, kept shearing them even after the "fix" until they got the crank and rotor replaced with a set that had a good contact patch.

Just my two cents but I'd push to get the crank and rotor replaced and make Yamaha pick up the tab.



I feel for you since you just got the bike and had this problem. Even though it's a true bummer, don't let it get you down. Once you get this problem fixed, you're going to love the bike. I was lucky I guess. I rode about 75 miles and then had the Yamaha dealer do the warranty/recall work. By the way, this problem is covered(new key, "lapping the surfaces", lock-titeing, and re-torqueing) regardless of whether your bike is still under regular warranty. Good luck with your bike. It'll be fun.


You mean this beast is already at the house? I saw the XR at the dealership on the way home. Maybe NOW you might be able to keep up with the KATOOM!! :)

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