2006 vs 2009 yz450f questions...

Hello all, I am looking at getting a leftover '09 yz450f. But to my total surprise, in my search for good deals on dealer leftovers, I have found a new (unsold leftover) 2006 yz450f for a great deal. I have no idea how a bike could go unsold for that long, but apparently it happened. The '06 is $800 less than the '09. I have been reading and researching all I can find about these two bikes. It sounds like the '06 through '09 are very similar bikes, with relatively minor changes during these year models. The '09 is a little more corked up exhaust wise, but a Dr. D or other exhaust would be an easy fix for that, so I am assuming that would make them pretty similar in the engine performance? That would leave suspension and handling, is the '09 suspension much (or any) improved over the '06? They both use the KYB SSS systems, but I'm sure the valving and maybe spring rates changed some over they years, but would they be that different? To be truthful, details like a plush, compliant suspension, comfortable ergos, smooth easy clutch pull, etc. are more important to me than which bike would win in a drag race.

So what do you guys think, is the '09 worth the extra $800, or maybe the '06 is actually a better bike and the cheaper price is just icing on the cake? And I am not really concerned with the depreciation/market value factor, I just want the funnest bike to ride. I ride/play motocross mostly, with some offroading and an occasional race to remind me how slow I am. :smashpc:

Anyway, any help or advice, especially from anyone with experience on these bikes, would be greatly appreciated and help me decide which bike to get. FWIW, I am a 42 yr old C class rider, 5' 8", 'weighing 165 in street clothes.

Thanks again in advance for any responses.

09 don't look back............ 06 were good in 06. I just sold a good condition 06 for 2k. You may save 800 up front but never be able to get rid of it afterwards. Heck the 09 is 3 years old now. Good luck to you.

The '06 is a great bike, that's not arguable. But there needs to be more than $800 difference, even if it's new. That kind of thing is probably why he still has it, and he may even be using it as a sales tool to roll out more of the later models.

The '09 has a much softer power delivery through the low and middle range, but these two things are easily (though not cheaply) cured by changing out the really terrible shorty exhaust system (good full systems like DRD and MRD start at about $450), and a CDI from an '06 ($50-150 on eBay).

The '06 doesn't need either of those things, but it doesn't handle quite as well as the '09, either (it's a little reluctant to turn and pushes going in). Engines are much easier to work with than a chassis is.

Thanks for the info. It's still being a tough choice, just because it would be nice to get the '06 and not have to mess with exhaust and ignition. But I see what your saying, that's an easier fix than getting it to handle better.

But what about the suspension, as in how well it soaks up smaller stuff (plush) and handles the bigger hits and whoop sections? Are they pretty much equal, being they both use the SSS suspension, or did spring/valving changes from '06 to '09 improve or significantly change anything? Suspension performance is really my top concern, I'm sure they are both more than fast enough. If I could ride them both, and one had better suspension, that's the bike I would get regardless of year model.

After re-reading my post, I guess to summarize, if the suspension is better on the '06, I would get it and live with the poor turning issues. If the suspension is better on the '09, I would get it and deal with spending more money on an exhaust and cdi.

Thanks again for any help!

Like the others have said, I'd go with the '09. I wouldn't consider the '06 unless it was at least $1200 - $1300 difference, and I doubt you'll find a new '06 for that. As soon as you roll that '06 out of the showroom it's going to be worth much less than what an exhaust system and CDI for the '09 would cost.

If I were you, it wouldn't be a tough choice to go with the '09.

I have an 07 and I don't think there were too many changes since 06. The motor is incredible and the suspension is top notch IMO. For play riding and the fact that you are a C rider I don't know that you will see a significant difference between the 2. But as other have stated I would think you should be able to get the 06 for a better deal than $800 less, I would think at least a $1000 less.

What does he want for these bikes? I bought my '09 back in late '09 for $5,700. Hope you're getting a heck of alot less than that!

The suspension on the '09 will be a small improvement over the '06 as well, but that's not as important, since it can be tuned for pretty much anything.

Having said that, the biggest single flaw in both of their suspensions, or for that matter, all YZ's, or, to be really honest about it Japanese MX'ers in general, is an insufficient amount of initial rebound response. This is what gives them the tendency to kick up in whoop sections, and it can contribute to some level of instability in the front end under some conditions. Easy fix with a few shims, though. On either bike in stock form, I'd run as much rear rebound as you can get away with without making the rear end pack down. Otherwise, they're both really good stock. But anything can be improved on.

06 was the best year for 06-09 the 07's were very close the 2006 YZ is the most aggressive motor they started trying to make the bike more rideable every year after. and in 08 they added the shorty muffler. just remember if u get the 09 your gonna have to buy a full system to fix the exhaust problem.

I just bought a 2009 yz450f that had barely been ridden. As close to a new bike as it gets. Talked the guy down to 3600.00 bucks and we both walked away happy. A couple people actually asked me if it was brand new at the track!! That's a good feeling for 3600.00 bucks. It's a buyers market right now, and if you have the cash to buy, there are plenty less fortunate people looking to sell an almost new bike.

About the 2009 yz450f. I have ridden every brand 450 except KTM and this 2009 yamaha is awesome! I am 5'8" 175, so we are not very far off in size. I find the stock suspension and handling to work very well! I have had my last two bikes sent off for suspension mods, but I don't think this one will need it. I too thought I would need to put an exhaust on this bike after purchasing. But unless you are racing all the time and needing that HP for holeshots, I don't see a need for it. The bike rips, it just doesn't pull your arms out of socket as bad as one with a pipe. I actually raced a guy with pretty similar speed as me at a local track for 5 laps, we chatted after and he was on the exact same bike with a fmf pipe. He was telling me that you have to pipe these, it's the first mod and a must, however he then looked to see that I had a stocker...would I have gone that much faster with a pipe, probably not. And for what it's worth I won our practice race:ride:. From the sounds of the riding you do, a pipe may never be needed. I may put a pipe on eventually, but after riding my bike at three different tracks, it's not a must have. A pipe does not help you corner! I would recommend the 09 for your riding style, if you are a play rider, the power should suit you well, and at 165 lbs, you will have plenty of power on any 450 even if a rag is stuffed in your air box! I have ridden an 06 yz450f and liked it alot, but that was a few years ago and I don't remember the details.

This is just my experience with my 2009 yz450f. See my garage for pics of my new toy. I have had it for about a month.

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