2010 YZ450F breaking in procedure

Hi guys,

I went and picked up my new 2010 YZ450F today and just got it home before dark. Since it's too late now to give it a run, I began reading through the manual on break in procedures and first start up. Since I've never purchased a new MX bike before, I wanted to know a little bit about breaking it in. In the manual it basically says to run the bike at moderate speed/low gears for 5-8 minutes after inital warm up, and then at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle and low to medium speed for one hour. Once that's done, it's ready to race.

As my bike will probably never see a MX track (I'm setting it up for the trail), I want to break it in as easy as possible. With a little luck, the extra care will lengthen out my rebuilds a little bit!

So in saying all of that, is there a better way I should break in my bike? Or is there a more recommended way of doing so?

Anyones opinion is welcome! Love your work guys! :smashpc:

Cheers, Marc

i broke mine in like the manual states and havn't had any issues. I'm going to say you will have more problems with the frequency of oil changes/maint being a bigger factor in engine wear than the breakin period.

The process of engine break in is not highly important pertaining to what you want to do with this engine. Following the owners manual in this case is acceptable. Mainly you don't want to thoroughly abuse it before the first oil change. High vacuum loads are encouraged. Such as bring up the rpm to near 3/4 of the limit and close the throttle completely and allow the engine to slow the bike to near idle. This process claims to put additional pressure on the wrings and allow for a better seat before heavy compression loads are placed on them.

I'm not sure how well you really want to take care of your new stead, but to do it the best way possible you need to dismantle most of the bike before the first serious ride. I do this before I even start it for the first time. All bearings that need greased per the manual on a specific maintenance schedule... well that schedule starts now, before you ride it. (shock linkage, swing arm, head bearings) Check torque on all fasteners you can get to. Apply medium duty lock tight to most all fasteners. Use anti seize or water proof grease on all fasteners you don't remove often, such as axles and chain adjuster bolts. I even remove each spoke nipple one at a time and apply anti seize to threads of spoke so I don't end up with seized nipples. (you can do this at first tire change, just so long as you remember to do it)

I know it sounds like a lot of work but you will be thanking yourself a year down the road after that one night spent in the garage with your new stead. You will lose less nuts and bolts, your bearings will last much longer, and you will be able to work on it with out a drill, hammer, or a torch.

i personally pound the piss out of my new bikes when i get them. i herd to do it from a few reputable engine companies, and on the internet too. "break it in like its gonna be ridden" started doing that abbout five years ago, never lost a motor. and i keep all my motors mainly stock. whenevr my buddies ride my bike they always say there factory freaks too.

and im a matinence freak and change the oil after every ride and the air filter

Check oil, ride, change oil, done!

Thanks a lot for the replies fella's. I think I'll follow your advice kx450f63 as it seems most logical to me. I'm the type of person who holds onto their bike for quite a few years, so I'll be maintaining it to as high a standard as I can. Now I'm just waiting on a few bits and pieces to arrive until I can turn it into my trail monster! Looking forward to going out for my first ride :smashpc:

As my bike will probably never see a MX track , I want to break it in as easy as possible.

That's as big a mistake as breaking it in too hard. Follow the manual procedure and then just ride it.

That's what I've ended up going with. After a lot of reading it seemed the most logical way to do it. The new YZ is certainly something else anyway! Definitely a step up from my old 400 sitting in the shed :smashpc:

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