'99 YZ400F Clutch Issue.

The other day I went to start the bike and noticed the clutch would not pull.I didn't want to force it and break the cable.I thought maybe the oil was sticky because of it being cold but after the bike was warm it was still doing it.I worked it slowly until the lever was to the bar and it was stuck there too.After a minute it popped out and everything was normal after that.This seems to only happen when the bike is cold.Any Idea what it could be?

I'm thinking cold/thick oil?

Worn Shaft?

Worn basket?

Anyone? :smashpc:

Any takers? :smashpc:

After it warms up does it seems to shift ok using the clutch?

After it warms up does it seems to shift ok using the clutch?

Yea,it shifts perfect through all gears,up and down.I don't understand it.

I'm going to pull the cover and check it out,see if I can't hunt down a potential problem.

Take the pressure plate off and check the clutch rod that runs through the center. It could possibly have some damage there or the cable could even be hung up internally. I would pull the cable off first and see if you can move the cable in and out freely and lube it up really good. I had one twist up inside the cable tube and gave me all kinds of trouble.

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