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Listen dude, what fun is life if you don't try new things? What fun is doing the SAME thing over and over and not having any new challenges and thrills? How can you expand your horizons that way? To quote Nike "Just Do It!". Go get the 426, learn some new tricks and smoke your friends like you never have before. You've gotten zero bad comments and you still ask the same questions. Pretty soon 2 strokes will be dinosaurs and you will need to know how to ride 4 strokes, best get in now and beat everyone else to the punch.

I'm not dogging you, I just don't understand why someone who has "been riding 2 strokes for years" isn't more interested in something new (read: better). Kind of reminds me of that old commercial "Little. Yellow. Different."


hey i understand what your saying man, but if IM going to spend $6,000 on a dirt bike. it better be something i can race and something that will be able to do what i need it to do. thats why im asking so many questions. because if i go off and spend that much money on a bike i didnt really know jack sh1t about. then thats just way STUPID on my part. thats why im wanting to know about it alot more.

I hear ya. Maybe you should look at a used one that already has all the goodies you want and spend 4-5K instead. Then, if you absolutely hate it (you won't), you can resell it for almost the same that you paid for it. I only paid about 3800 for mine and it has ALL the goodies (except that flywheel weight) and I could probably ride it for 6 straight months and sell it for pretty close to what I paid for it.

Hey, it's easy for us to spend YOUR money, so go buy the thing and live a little!!!!


just buy it :)

My KTM has it's low points (tire shredding) but it out does my 95 KX250 in EVERY aspect. Speed, handling, weight, comfort and anything else you can think of. My dad's YZ426 had it's swingarm chain guard shred, so he had to ride his 94 YZ250 last week....and he could only talk about how unbelievable the 426 is. If you're dissapointed in ANY way....I think you'd be the only one. I have NEVER heard anyone claim they are selling a 400 or 426 because it was worse than the 2 stroke....I ALWAYS see...."Selling simply because this bike is too much for me."

THe only thing my dad hates about his 426, is the hot starting, but he's 5'8 or something. You'll adapt really quick, and if you're anything close to me...you'll say "Why didn't I buy this thing sooner?!?!?"

I came off a KX250 and I absolutely love my YZF. Being a woods rider/racer I only MX occasionally but my buddy and I a lot more quick in the woods than on our 250s and to add to that we are alot less fatigued afterwards as we suffer from that dreaded syndrome called Behindadeskinitis. LOL But the biggest thing for me was my first few races this year were pretty depressing as I was noticing that I was slower than last few years and making me upset. But I relaxed and got a lot more smooth on the course and my times dropped and I started going faster. That is the biggest asset to the bike is that you will actually go faster when you are smooth on the bike. No more 100-200 shifts per race as you would normally have a 250, more like 25-50, as I have a friend that runs in the Pro Class that shifts twice every lap. This bike is a advantage in all aspects of racing for most of us. Not too many of them are beat off the line.


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Thanks scottzx7rr, and thank you everyone else. its like 6:30am right now i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep so i was thinking about if i would be better riding a 250 or the YZF. and i was thinking about the weight difference and all that. when i came on i didnt expect to see anyone else respond on this post but i saw scottzx7rr did. so i made up my mind and im going to purchase the big thumper. im going to give him a call 9:00 this morning when they open. he's wanting to sell me the bike for the original price of $6,000 still. ive got a loan for the bike already for that much do any of you think i could get him to lower the price since the 2002 models are ALMOST out anyway? thanks again everyone

One, collective - "Woohoo!"

Well I dont know about him lowering the price. These bikes are hot! East coast dealers in my area sold out in late May. The 426 is not as hot as the 250F but I still could not find one on the floor. Still if the bike is still there, nag the hell out of the guy to give it to you for 5400. Just were him down and show him the money. Tell him you want it for 6K on the back of the truck. Persistance is the key to getting the price down. Your there, the bike is there, the money is there. Also try to get a low quote from another dealer and tell them how you really want to deal with them and not the other guy, you plan on racing the bike and will be buying your parts, gear, and next race bike and all that stuff. Also, if he dose not sell Hondas, tell him for that price youll hold out for a CR450 ! Good Luck.

There are tons of 426s in the Denver area. I heard some people are paying $5K if you mail order.

2001 YZF426's brand new cost $4300-$4500 Drive out, here in the S.E. this includes all taxes & other fees

In minnesota they are going for $5k even

I got mine at Powersports Delray in S. Florida for $5400 . After taxes and a $300/3yr theft insurance policy (will give me $5k if it isn't found in 30 days) the grand total was $61xx. The salseman (Brian) was a very nice person, the parts and service dept. seemed to have the basic idea for what they are doing and overall service was typical big dealer service (acceptable though not outstanding). Also they were willing to sell me any gear that I needed for the same price that they paid for it if I purchased it at the same time that I purchased the bike (unfortunately they don't have much gear in stock, though they will order anything that you want that they don't have for the same price). I'm not sure where you are but you may want to try this place if you're near by. You'll find their address on www.epowersports.com . Their number is 561-997-6400 .

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