2010 YZ450F lighting setup

G'day guys,

I'm looking to set up a full light kit on my 2010 YZ450F, and just want to know how people have gone about it themselves. My main question is how have you powered it? I recall reading somewhere that you can use the plug for the ECU, but I don't know the specifics on where or how.

I'm looking to set up a simple all LED system, so I'm not too phased about how strong it is. I've come across a couple of different wiring and light kits, but I'm still not set on one just yet. Are there any you'd recommend? Thanks!


Polisport Led light I just got back from a trip to Waynoka Ok, sand dunes and used this light at night. it worked flawlessly, could see very well. My wire from the light is tied into the tuner port with a T tap.

one thing to add, i'm not sure the safe amount of max amps that can be pulled from the port. This light is 3 watts or .25 amps so the draw is minimal.

Cheers mate. I ended up coming across a locally made kit here in Melbourne by Maverick Auto Electrical, and they stated the same thing in terms of power source. I've tapped it into the positive wire of the Power Tuner connector, and it all seems to work perfect! I'll have to give it a run at night to see how bright it is though. Mine is the same and draws about 3W for the headlight :smashpc:

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