gear change

I need a little lower gear.I mostly trail ride. will

a 13 front change it very much.also i heard someone

talking about slide wear.


Changing to the 13T front sprocket was one of the best mods I did for the type of trail riding I was doing in terms of price/performance for my needs. I now switched back to a 14T front as my riding needs have changed a bit, but a 13T front is a good solution and you can still use the stock chain within its adjustment range. The front sprocket is inexpensive and its also quick and easy to change out if you want to switch back and forth. I did not experience any out of the ordinary slider wear or any negative issues from using the 13T front sprocket and there's been plenty of people who have done this. If you need more agressive gearing, I wouldn't go any smaller than a 13T front sprocket. Look for a larger rear sprocket if you need something much more agressive, but then you may also need to add a link or two depending on how many teeth you add to the rear sprocket. Do a search in this forum for "13T" and "sprocket" and you'll find all kinds of info about this combo including more details I posted a while back.

thanks for info. i will try this soon and see how

i like it. i still have little ways to go on the

jets. ihave only had this bike for about a week.

just orderd a 13t :D i think its what iam lookin for in the tighter trail stuff but what about the open dez? anyone :)

jeff :D

You can still get close to 90 MPH at WOT with a 13T. If you need more speed for a particular type of riding, just swap out the front sprocket back to the 14T or up to a 15T.

I really like the 13/48 combo for trail riding, but sometimes I found myself looking for a little more speed in each gear when I'm getting agressive with my friends and that's where the z-Start helps me out. The z-Start gives me all I need for the slowest of going while using the stock 14/48 gearing. I've talked with a few other z-Start'd bike owners running 15/48 and they seem very happy with the low speed trail performance and I'm looking forward to trying out that combo later this year.

dropping a tooth on the front makes an incredible difference in the snap you get down low. The smaller sprocket makes a huge difference in the woods especially, you just crack it in 2nd or 3rd gear to loft the tire over logs and misc. other crap on the trail. the only thing i seem to be wearing out is my new tire, had it 2 months and its almost shot, i can still outrun all of my buddies on their 2-smokes and smaller xrs in 5th gear so there is plenty of top end left.

thanks for the replys :)

jeff :D

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