Help with changing Fork Springs

I have a '01 YZ426 and want to go to a stiffer spring in both forks and rear shock. Do I have to tear my forks down or can I just remove the top of the fork tube and pull the old springs out and put the new ones. I hope its that simple..

just take your handle bars aff and remove the caps and slid in the new ones. Make shure your install the caps the way the booktells you or will not have any rebound adjustment.

Make sure all the weight is off the front of the bike, once the caps are off, their is a jam nut that cracks the dampening rod loose, then you have the spring. Its a tight fit with a 17 wrench, Yamaha calls for a special thin spanner wrench but it got it with a craftsman pro long pattern wrench. What the deal with the caps BJ?

I've had a few people come out and ride with a spongy rebound. It was because they didn't walk the jam nut down all the way,in result leting the cap stay up off the dampining rod having no adjustment. I've also seen jam nuts installed upside down witch do the same thing they don't let the caps down far enough to touch the rod. It was just some freindly advise.

Ohhh, good point. I know I had to brig the jam nuts up to the cap to tighten it, but I am not sure if I torqued the end cap to the nut or the nut to the end cap. Maybe Ill break it loose and do it again. When I got the bike I opened it up and found one rod not even on the cap and the oter loose!

Dose that mean the adjuster should be wound all the way in before it comes apart? I should re-read the book. :)

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when i do mine i always back the ajjustment srews out a few turns before i tighten the caps down. If the srews are down to far they will stop the cap from going any further. The caps are made to bottom on the dampining rod and then adjust your rebound with the srew.

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