Plastic tank for XR650L??

I'd like to hear from the owners of various plastic tanks for the XR650L. I'm looking at the Acerbis, IMS, and Clarke. Are there any others? Which looks best? Best finish?Any to stay away from? I'll probably go with the original red color.



After posting from you jetting question yesterday I did a little searching. I found a whole bunch of threads on comparing the Clark, Ims, and Acerbis tanks. Most of them are on XR..R models but that still doesn't mean anything when it comes to quality. I filled mine up last night, no leaks. Although a word of caution, make sure you install a vent tube to the cap. I didn't and got gas spilling on my belly and lower. I had to ride with one finger pluging the vent and the other on the gas. Anyway, do a search in this forum and pick all. You'll get a lot of threads on tanks. I just searched for "tank".

Yea, I found a lot of info on th 650R tanks, and some said the one tank (don't remember which brand) looked chunky and odd on the bike. Was wondering if the 650L was the same.


wpoling, if you would like, you can PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a pic of mine.

I have a 01 650L with the Clarke 4.7 gallon tank on, I am very pleased with it. Before I installed it on the bike I just had to run a drill bit up the hole for the petcock, small burr there. After that and a good flushing all is well. Like the extra range it offers. Make sure you have a vent tube for it as it doesn't come with one.


Do you have graphics on your tank? If so, what kind did you go with?


Hey porkchop, does the Clark also carry a bunch of fuel in the lower right side that doesn't get to the petcock? If so, have you figured out a way to get it to the left side. I don't what to have to lay my bike down every time just to get a few more miles out of it. Right now all I can think about is to rig up some kind of sophoning system for move fuel. Any ideas??

No I don't have any graphics on the tank, just kept it plain red, figured it would just get scratched any way during use.

Yes it does, but I haven't run it down far enough to see, most of my rides don't go much over 130 miles before I can get fuel. With the type of riding that I do I have gotten a worst 42 mpg and a best 55 mpg, (Im to old to be a hard charger, I just enjoy the ride in the bush)I haven't even run it into reserve since I have added the plastic tank, but with the metal tank I was going into reserve on ocasion. The way I looked at it I would rather lay the bike on its side to get that extra splash of gas because it is there rather than walk.

-----------------------------------------------------------I have a uni filter, dropped the front sprocket to a 14 tooth for the woods, (mostly 2 track and gravel roads some single track)and added dunlop 606 tires. Garmin GPS and Tour Tech mount. 01-XR650L/00 GL1500SE

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