Diff. between '00 and '01 426 clutches

Does anybody know if the '00 and '01 426 clutch is interchangeable, or what the differences might be? Thanks

'01 added a judder spring to the clutch pack, ball bearing to push rod(different lenth push rod), and different length actuation arm. Aftermarket clutch baskets are listed as different...not sure exact difference. Center hub and pressure plate should be the same. Plates should be the same...other than the judder spring/inner friction.

What specifically are you changing/trying to do?

Here's a link to what's needed to do the '01 mod of the clutch:


Regarding the basket, the '00 basket is different than the '01-'02 in that the cushion unit built into the primary gear is different, and the bolt pattern and other dimensions vary between the two. It isn't a major improvement in and of itself, but most aftermarket people don't make replacement/upgrades for the '00.

Thanks, I was looking to put in a Rekluse EXP Core clutch plate for offroad, not the whole EXP clutch but the new plate they sell. It is not listed for an '00 but is for an '01, I was thinking it would still work but they just didn't try that many years back.

The '00 uses the same clutch plates, so I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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