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tell me how to re-shim and stack my xr600 forks?

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Hey dudes,

As usual need/want to go faster!

Steve over on adv hooked me up with some sweet 00 forks for my 88 xr600, nice marked improvement over the convetionals, even added a brace(not sure on that one for the riding I like to do although on the higwhay and ruts its a good add on)


Somebody, not sure if here or over on adv, sad that its a relatively simple process to reshim your forks, the reason I want to do this is because its too damn expensive for shipping and import duties wise to ship the forks to the US have them revalved and stuff then come back down.

where can I buy the shims? has anybody done this before?

I know the borynack site well for th XRR, but slightly different forks, although the process is the same right?

I am planning though to get my shock revalved too, that I might ship up since it weighs a lot less...

any ideas welcome

cheers guys!


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