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Clutch problam

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Hello to all

I'm new here

Elad from Israel

Have a 99 dr650se for 4 years

a month ago my clutch start to slip

I replaced it with a new kit, probablly not a good one 'sumo', now its sliping again, It started after oil filling, and got really bad after replacing all the oil.

when i opened it for the first time i have noticed something weird, two thicker driven plates instead of one, and one of them worn from the contact with the concaved washer, and a somewhat damaged lock washer , the first time if I remember correctly only one of its tailes was damaged, and the second time both of them.

the second time I checked the clutch, after the slipping of the new kit, few of the drive plates from the new kit were really worn badly, and again the last thicker driven plate were worn by the concaved washer.

Before I opened the clutch for the second time I tried the clutch cable and i changed the brand of the oil.

now I checked the old kit and the driven plates are over the service limit which means I can use tham again, also the drive plates are over the service limit, except for the thicker driven plate which is worn by the concaved washer, so i switched sides, it worked for a 1000 miles and now its starting slipping again

maybe the new kit is bad?

why the stop washer and the thicker driven plate are worn?

maybe my installation was bad?

Maybe the concaved washer or the clutch basket?

My instinct is to purchase a new high quality (barnnet) kit and to replace it, but i have some doubts

Any idea or help are warmly wanted



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Greetings Elad.

It is not uncommon for the thicker plate/wave washer/sleeve washer/ spring to wear before the rest of the plates. Were all the components assembled correctly? The wave spring washer should go in first followed by the sleeve washer then the thick driven plate and lastly the retaining clip. Then a drive plate followed by a driven plate, etc, etc.

The stock Suzuki clutch for the 96 and up DR650's is quite robust. You might have ended up with a cheap clutch in your recent replacement. My issue with a Barnett clutch is the high tension springs that come in the kit. It can be very tough on your arms and hands... I guess if the stock clutch was an issue, like the pre 96 models were, I'd consider a stiffer clutch. But that is not the case with the DR650. I'd replace the parts with the stock components if I were you. Remove (file) any bad notching on the clutch basket... if they are too deep you'll need to replace the basket as the plates will not separate properly. Make sure your clutch cable is in good shape and lubricated. Also make sure there is sufficient play in the clutch lever when it is released so there is no chance the clutch is slipping because it cannot fully engage. If you do use a synthetic oil make sure it meets JASO MA specs for use in a multi-plate wet clutch.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.... :smashpc:

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