Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

Hello to all the Husaberg owners and Thumper Talk members. As stated in an earlier thread by one of the TT admins, Brian Bosch, we "may" have an opportunity to get out of the "exotics" portion of TT and get our very own area to post and reply with Husaberg questions/comments!

If you are a TT memeber and a Husaberg owner, let's get this rolling and see if there are enough of us! Let's try and do just one (1) post each so they can get an accurate count. Just simply state if you are a Husaberg owner, year and model.

I will start this off......:smashpc:

I am a proud owner!

2010 Husaberg FE450

Hola a todos. Yo tengo una te 300 2012 y ojala tuvieramos un foro propio. Un saludo desde valencia = españa= old europe

i am the owner of a 2012 Husaberg TE300 2-stroke..

I am the owner of a 2010 Husaberg FX450.

'09 FE570 owner

2010 390 FE :smashpc:

2010 FE450


Jeff Tasky

2012 Husaberg TE 300 :smashpc:

2010 fe450

-09 fe 450

2011 fe450

2011 Husaberg FE 390.

Local dealer in Springfield MO. Home of the Spud Cut HGP Hare Scrambles, some of the most technical Hare Scrambles in the Mid West and We will be seeing a lot more Husabergs at the race's soon.:smashpc:


Edited by old man dave 59

2010 FE450 - nothing exotic about it. Just a sweet ride!

2010 fe 450

2011 FE 570 S here - best bike I've ever ridden!

2010 FE 570.


I got a 2012 FE 450!:smashpc:

09 570 in British Columbia, Canada. Love it!

09 fe450

010 fx450

They really are ready for their own forum IMHO.

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