exhaust questions.

New to forum, just t raded my older cbr for a 2003 yz450. Bike came with white bros and factory pipes. I put factory pipe back on, think it sounds better. Question is I want to quiet the bike down a little. Will a spark arrestor make it any quieter?

Welcome to the Forum, samm895!

Will a spark arrestor make it any quieter?

Not usually. A spark arrestor (the screen type most folks use...), all by itself, doesn't really quiet a bike down any. Quiet is normally achieved with "mechanical" means: more, or new packing in the silencer, a smaller outlet, "Mega Bomb"-type header bulges, & the Lord knows what all else has been tried...... :smashpc:

There are some end caps out there that come with a spark arrestor screen, and also have an extra outlet with a smaller opening. I have the Lexx brand on my '06 450. I like the quieter exhaust note the quieter insert gives. A side effect of most exhausts with the quiet tip dealie is that they tend to restrict (choke) the exhaust down, and this usually makes a bike run a little warmer. Holding the exhaust back holds some heat in.... Lots of stuff to consider when ya go with one of those setups.....

There are other folks out there making the end caps, and silencers, and then complete exhausts that quiet things down some. Have to look around, and ask questions about what seems to work the best...... Good Luck!


Thanks, I will check into a few options, but probably leave it alone.

Could it be the packing is in better shape on the stock muffler?

Question is I want to quiet the bike down a little.

To the Original Poster (samm895):

I forgot to mention, this is really cool of you to try & do that! :thumbsup::smashpc:

I wish more folks would do that, and then write letters to the right people, to help keep riding areas open......


Samm, I see you live in Va. Not many legal places to ride out here... just wondering why your looking for a quieter exhaust. :smashpc:

a 4-stroke repack kit may fix the issue with the white bros system, repack kits are anywhere from $10-35.

Universal truth: You get what you pay for.

If you are keeping the bike for awhile I would get the best packing out there plus consider going with a steel wool wrap for the core. If you don't have a wash plug for the muffler definitely pick one up.

PS a spark arrestor is good for a one db drop. Not a whole lot but every little bit helps.

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