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Suzuki What is this sound?

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Hey I have a 09 king quad 450 EFI, got it new and it has always made a knock or pinging sound, never has gotten worse but is still there at almost 700 miles. In neutral if you gun the throttle it sounds fine, once in gear and you pull on the engine it sounds like it's pinging until the load comes off, then it sounds fine.It doesn't make the sound on deceleration or engine braking. I went to a colder plug, clear down to a NGK cr10e didn't seem to help much. Added a resistor to the IAT to give a little richer fuel, no help there either. Added octane boost still no luck. Adjusted the valves didn't help. I'm down to the need some help factor. I am very mechanically inclined but this one has me. Is it possible that the two exhaust ports going into one port then into the header causing this (ex to small of header pipe) if this is the case then all 450s would have this sound, do they? The only other bike that I ride with is a 07 king quad 700 EFI and his doesn't make this sound. So rack your brain and give some input.

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