WR426 for a beginner...

Hello all,

I bought my first bike, an 01WR426 three weeks ago having had little previous riding experience (used to ride my friends cr80 when i was 12). Thanks for all the great info posted on this sight. I've read pretty much every post and archive available over the past few months. I utilized the sight to: 1) decide on a 426 over a drz despite cautionary advice from a lot of people here, 2) decide on a canadian bike in order to get it plated in cali, 3) find a Canadia dealer who would ship to NoCal, and 4) Followed break-in advice, maintenance tips, and other practice/riding tips from you guys.

Just wanted to give a collective thank you for all your help, time and advice. This bike gives me an ear-to-ear grin just thinking about riding it. I can't seem to get enough time on the bike, I'm really taken by it. I'm having a complete blast with this bike: it hauls serious ass yet handles so smoothly. The power delivery is awesome, even for a beginner, the power is manageable so long as you ride smart and take it easy for the first couple rides. I'm riding trails and backroads right now. Once I get plated, want to explore more trails around Monterey, Big Sur etc.

Wanted to give everyone here a heads up that this bike is manageable for a beginner so long as its ridden with respect. Other than that, look forward to following the post, improve my riding ability, and continue learning about the mechanics of the bike. Hope to evenutally chime in more often and contribute once I get more riding time logged. BTW, I'm 21, 5.10 and 190lbs, keeping the bike stock until I feel the need for more power. Cheers, Terence

COOL!!! I had a rusted out Oldsmobile when I was 20 :)

Kudos to you for buying this beast as a new rider. The 426 would have been too much for me as a new(er) rider about 4 years ago, but I'm an old dude at 31 :D so YMMV.

Good luck with it!

Wish I was 31 again. I'm 41 now !!!!!


Hey Trey,

I bought my first bike a month ago, a '01 WR426, they way I look at it, go big or go home :) Thats the only way to do it.


37 years old (geez, I actually typed 36 and had to think about it for a second). Anyways... 1st bike 01 WR. Having a blast and learning a lot on this site. Trey, your younger, but not alone.

Welcome aboard Trey, I'm in the same boat as you, 1st bike, about four rides, 14 year age spread though. My 2 cents, DO not open this baby up on a steep uphill with roots everywhere! :)


00 WR400

00 XR 50

99 KTM 50SX Pro Senior

Almost forgot, I got you beat on the age part, I just turned 20, but I am having a blast.

Trey, congrats on the new bike. I'm also looking to purchase a Canadian WR 426 and have it shipped to So. Cal. Do you recommend the dealer you used and, if so, who are they and what did you pay for the bike (US, including tax, shipping, etc.). any inf. would be helpful. Thanks!

Glad to hear that we have a decent sized rookie class in here. Maybe we could all rally together for a beginner supercross event during the summer. There'd be nothing more fun than having a bunch of beginners sharing 60 ft doubles... mid-air collisions and the like :) Mitch, check your email...

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