WR400 starting question

Hey guys, I was thinking about a WR400. How hard are they to start? How many kicks on average does it take to fire it up and what is the starting routine? Do you have to find top dead center to start it? What about the decompression lever? Thanks

I have a 98 WR400 and it starts on the 4th kick when cold but after it has been warned up it's a 1kick bike . Kick the bike to TDC then pull in the compresion relese push down about another inch let it back up all the way and give it a kick That's the routine that work's for me . (great bike) Have fun - ride hard :)

Not hard to start at all, and I have heard numerous others on here say with a 03 exhaust cam, its even easier!

...I gotta get one of those someday.. :)

2 kicks when cold,1 when warm.

the whole starting routine is over rated, it isn't as hard as it sounds. I rarely use my hot start. Sometime when I am lazy i can give it a half kick and it will fire right up.

Jet it right and it'll fire up every time. For me, 1 kick hot or cold. It's a breeze.

If your WR takes more than one kick to start cold, try giving the throttle two twists before you kick, no throttle during kick. Mine starts first kick 90%, especially when cold.

Thanks for the replies guys. I've been hearing a lot of people say that the Yamahas are hard to start, but I trust you guys since you actually know. :)

Hard to start was my buddies KTM 620 thumper w/left side kicker. I hadn't been on a dirtbike in 16+ years when I tried to ride this for the first time, made me feel like a retard! Now it's a breeze to start, just had to get used to it.

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