wr400 oil coming out of top of engine

I have a 1998 wr400 ran fine sat for about 9 months then started and ran and oil was coming out of top of engine, under tank where you can't see it. it runs fine just I haven't because i don't want to seize engine. what would be most likely reason? a gasket?

Simplest thing would be if your breather hose got snatched off. How fast is the oil coming out? It's it just a leak or an actual stream?

idk, never actaully saw it while running, saw it just after parking it, it comes out covering most the block dripping to the ground. where is the tube?

If it's like mine (I know the 426 engines are, not sure about the 400's.) then it's a regular black hose you'll find just behind the left radiator. It runs up to a nipple right on top of the cam cover. The hose is about 1/2" in diameter so it's hard to miss.

It sould like it'll be easy to find, just give it a good bath and fire it up then just watch for the oil to run out.

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