Crossing into the BLUE from the EVIL red... lets order stuff

The aluminum WR handles good stock and great once the suspension is done.

The WR will outlast 3 CRF's.

get good rubber, the stock tires for the wr suck if the tires are still on the bike...

I ride a 04Wr

Rarely do I read that people dont like the way the WR handels.

I always thought it was a load. But its fast as can be and I have fun on it.

I put a Rekluse E axle on mine an it really helped more than i can tell you.

Does the Red 450 really feel alot different than the Yamaha

Absolutely! They are night and day different. I have not ridden a 450r in a while but I own a 450x and man is it sluggish :thumbsdn:compared to my 08wr. It is in tear-down right now as I am adding the 02r cam, kibble white valves, and hopefully a decent exhast. Hopefully that will make it more fun to ride cause is it boring:banghead:. As far as steering goes they both don't turn all that well.

As far as steering goes they both don't turn all that well.

Make this thing turn

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