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XR600 Missing on Full Throttle

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Hi, I own a 1997 XR600 - love it. I got some really good advice here on front tyre, etc. so at least now I can go a bit faster. I have, what I think to be, a fuel problem: I had the carb serviced about 2 months ago, the problem I had originally was that the bike would suddenly die on idle (a pain on tricky downhills) and would burn badly black at the exhaust (using a white bros e-series). The workshop cleaned the carb and reduced my main jet to 138 (they said it was running too rich). I then felt it "choked" when I opened the throttle. I then cleaned the air filter (k&n) and re-oiled it...but i am too impatient and so I rode it right after oiling the filter...and I suspect it sucked in some oil. Since then its been missing. I cleaned the carb very well and it improved - actually no missing and good clean running. But after a long ride it started again to miss badly (choke up or die) on full throttle. Low and midrange seem ok. I am, however, worried about: 1. burned valve, 2. timing chain...because I am paranoid. Do you have any advice for me on this? I live in northern South Africa and ride at altitudes of between 400 to 1,200 metres above sea level. its warm and sometimes humid...right now its dry and dusty.

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