Counter shaft play - in/out - 07 WR450

I changed counter shaft sprockets recently and after torquing the nut I forgot to bend the washer tab over the edge of the nut :thumbsup:. I rode this way for about 4 or 5 rides. On a dual sport ride I decided to pull over to take a picture (so lucky I did this) and noticed oil all over the engine, chain, swing arm, everywhere. I quickly realized that the counter shaft nut was loose and I had never bent the washer tab. This allowed the counter shaft sprocket to move side to side and I believe allowed dirt to enter the seal and cause the major leak.

Once I got the bike home I ordered a new seal, I'm in the process of installing the new seal now but I'm wondering about the counter shaft play (in/out), should there be any? Right now there is less than half a mm of movement in and out and I can't remember if that much existed previously. Granted it's not much movement but it doesn't feel good as it clicks back and forth. I'm guessing it's fine but I'm feeling a little paranoid I guess.

Does anyone know the answer to this? I'm concerned that the loose sprocket may have caused some internal damage. If I don't get any replies I'll just put it back together, ride it, and see what happens :smashpc:

Thanks for any help.

I just put the new seal in. I have a feeling that the seal wasn't even damaged, I think the loose sprocket allowed the spacer to migrate out which then allowed engine oil to pass between the shaft oring and the spacer.

Regarding my question on my post above I'm 99.9% sure the play I feel is normal. If anyone has info to the contrary please share :smashpc:

That is normal free play.

What he said..... I checked the bikes in my garage. A little play is normal....:smashpc:

That is normal free play.
What he said..... I checked the bikes in my garage. A little play is normal....:thumbsup:

Thanks guys! :smashpc:

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