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Help tuning my suspension

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Hi, All...

I kind of a noob, been on the bike for a couple of months.

An noticed that when I sit on the bike I compress the rear too much..

mi not all that big..

but I do always carry my tools and my camelback..

I guess my weight is about 180- 200 lbs.

I took my SAG measurements and name up with this.

Unloaded (bike on stand rear wheel int he air): 23.7 in

Loaded (without gear): 18.5 in

Bike Loaded (on ground without rider): 21.8 in

So mi race sag is about 5.2 in, my Free Sag (without rider) is 1.9.

So here come mi doubts..

I am an average trail rider, mi terrain is mostly open desert, my bike is a Honda CRF 250x so no track for me.. I like high speed trail ride and do enjoy the rough stuff..

I notice that my sag is kind of off... the previous owner of this bike was a 19 year old kit...

si I am going to try to adjust the preload to correct the sag.. what about the front forks.. should I try to change those or should I leave them as it is.. I DONT WANT TO TAKE MY SUSPENSION OF BALANCE??

Please advise!!

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Yes you have way too much sag, adjust it down to 105mm (4 1/8"), than check your free sag you want to be in the area of 22mm (7/8") - 38mm (1 1/2") if not you will need a heavier or softer spring depending on what you end up with.

The forks you can consider this sag 64mm (2 9/16") - 85mm (3 5/16"). Static should be somewhere around 25mm (1") - 38mm (1 1/2").

I think you will find this good for the desert.

Do yourself a favor switch over to mm.

Measure and repost.

Good Luck

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