swapping suspension 08 to 11

Here is the dumb question of the day:

Does anyone know if you can put the front forks or the rear suspension from a 2008 yz450f on a 2011? I looked at yamaha-motor.com and the part numbers on the outer fork tubes are very close.

The reason for asking is that I have factory suspension work done on my current 08 and am looking to get a 2011. I'd rather avoid getting new suspension work if possible, I just had the suspension done. I also just blew up the bike and need to get a new bike.

On a side note, I can get a new 2009 for $5000 and a new 2011 for $6600. If I get the 2011 I would need to do the suspension again making the total investment on a 2011 about $7400 for a total difference of $2400 between the two bikes. What seems like the better investment? Any opinions?

The shocks are quite different, and don't interchange. The older shock won't clear the exhaust.

The forks might fit, but it would depend on a lot of factors. For one, they'd have to fit the '11 clamps since the offsets are different, and then the axle lugs would need to provide the correct spacing and be compatible with the '11 brake. I don't see it working, but it could.

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