OT - Snowmobile Comparison Website

Looking for a website to compare various models of snowmobiles, read product reviews, etc. Anyone know of some good places to look?

In case anyone has any suggestions, I'm looking for a trail sled...mid to high end performance...fairly light weight...not a mountain sled (i.e. shorter track)...for use in riding trails/lakes in MN/MI/WI.

Thanks in advance!


00-02 Skidoo MXZ 700. Haul ass ahort track sled, fairly light, sweet handling. Cost ya around 4500-5500 used, maybe less. 800's are a wee bit heavy IMO, but I like to jump so....If looking new get the REV platform. IMO the most advanced, best performing tunnel/suspension options around

The ULTIMATE sled for playing and dicing(NOT A MTN SLED) is a mxzX 440. This is Skidoos race issue machine. You cant buy a new one without a race resume, but can find em used for decent pricing. They come with Fox shocks, lightened/strengthened tunnel, high bars stc.On good surface they SMOKE a 600 and trun like you couldnt imagine. They only weigh 450LBS! That is what I used to ride. Sweet machine! Im not partial to Skidoo or anything..... :)




What the &%$#@!? A snowmobile? You have a WR426 and there are a million lakes in MN. What will you do with a sled? I told you that I could hook you up with some ice tires. In fact, my Original Golds are for sale.... Only 2 winters on them. And, since you are one of the masters, jetting won’t be a problem for you either. :)

Save your money, load up a couple of bikes (one of them being mine) in the new trailer, and let's ride. I will turn you on to this monster oval with a TT course in the middle. Two wheel drifting is WAY more fun than bar hopping with a bunch of Grain Belt drinking slugs.

Seriously, if you must buy a sled, the Rev is the way to go. My friend, JB, has ridden one and he said there is no comparison. The snowmobile trails are plentiful and if you can get out right after the groomer, it is a lot of fun.

Give my wife a call if you and your bride are interested in getting together this weekend. I get back from the Republic of Georgia on Saturday afternoon and after 26 hours of flying and 10 hours of jet lag, I will need some excitement to stay awake. She was talking about having some friends over to try to keep me awake Saturday night. The longer I can stay awake, the easier it will be for me to get acclimated to Minnesota time again.

Talk to you soon.

Ride fast - take chances


Thanks Cisco for the recommendations. If I can justify the expense ($7K...ouch!), I'll most likely be getting an '04 SkiDoo Renegade (on the REV platform). I'm completely sold on the whole "weight centered/motocross-like" concept.

And Mr. Chadwick, why cant I do both? Besides, ice is frozen water...and we all know how well you do when you ride on/in water...again, remember that stream crossing? Or did you get a concussion and have blacked out the whole experience? :) You'll get one ride in and be all messed up for the rest of the winter...thus, the alternate winter hobby...


What's wrong with Grain Belt?

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