water in carb fix???

Ok...2008 yz450..... This is the 3rd time I have had problems with water n Carb and I'm getting kind of tired of it....my needle for my floats is gettin moisture corrosion and making the needle stick causing my Carb to over flow like crazy every time u turn the gas on....I am pretty good about washing the bike easily and all but come on whats the deal...????? I have used stability n it and its still happening....I've put a new hot start / boot and all and all new hoses.....I've always thought that unless I am putting n stabil on every tank ie everytime I put gas n my bike how am I to be sure that its getting to the Carb where i need it..???? I ges if after every time I wash it after a ride if I drain say half the gas out of the carb and then pull my fuel line off and add stabil directly into the Carb then that would be way better rite???? That's not very hard at all but .kind of a pain yes???? I just rode over the past weeknd and after my wash I pulled the bowl plug and let all the gas drain out...will this help???? Does any one have a this is what I do and IT WORKS....???? Lol. Thanks for any help any one can give me....

Do you pressure wash? If you pressure wash you'll always have a chance of getting water in the carbs. Another thing is maybe trying a different place to buy gas from. Add some alcohol into the fuel it will help keep the water from causing you problems.

make sure your boots around the carbs don't have a tear in them. do you seal your air filter against the box with grease? do you leave ethanol blended fuel sitting in your bike for a month or more? with every 5 gallons i always mix in some star tron to help preserve the fuel.

I have an 08 and I pressure wash it. Never had water in the carb. It's either the way you are washing it or a gasket.

Might be a silly question, but do you have a breather hose on the tank when you wash the bike, and does it have a functioning one way valve on it?

I'd bet on water getting in your fuel somehow.

Thanks for all the reply guys...sorry I have been very busy with work lately...I have since drained the gas out of my Carb after each ride/wash and have had no problems since...to answer a few ? From u all.....no tears n Carb boots....yes I have a vent hose...I have since used gas from a different gas station.....I may try the alchol ...when I power wash my bike I don't wash the engine/carb very much because i no better butt bell I have even had the problem with a simple hagenuk hose....wow come to tbink about it.....I just relized as i am writing this that I changed my hot start cable and plastic fitting since I last had the water problem...old was plastic and stripped out....old cable had a worn boot at the fitting...lol new one is aluminum....lol I would be willing to bet that was the culprit rite there...lol wow I can be so dumb sometimes...hopefully I am not the only one...ha ha. Thanks for everyone's help...

Another possibility is the fuel he gets. If it has ethanol in it and the fuel sits, that is a recipe for problems.

Thanks guys for all of your post n trying to help...I think I have solved my problem tho...between the hot start connector and pulling my Carb bowl....thanks everyone for your help...

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