At last, the cams and the piston are here.

Man, cant wait to install this. High compression wiseco piston and performance cams. Lets hope for good results.




Now THAT'S pretty! I can't imagine the rip that thing's gonna have!

Are you just hopping up, or fixing a broken motor?

No man, i`m not fixing a broken motor. In fact, my engine can be considered new. It has about 40 hours use. I only ride the bike two or three months in one year. I`ve had CR`s, YZ`s and RM`s. Never had KX`s. All this bikes were like new when i sold them. This is my first four stroke.

The reason for the upgrade is that i am kind of a performance freak...i admit i dont use 100% of the power of the 426, but i enjoy performance mods like an hobbie, not like a need thing.

Heres a pic of her...for now its the only one i got...i will take more and share with you guys.

Crappy pic...


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