GPR stabiliser on a WR 426 ??

I have this funny idea about installing a GPR on my wr.

I'm aware that the stabiliser won't make me a pro level racer, but 45 years old bones tend to heal slower than 25's :D. So if it can save me from going down a few times, I think it will pay for itself.

From the info I received it seems to be quite simple to install. But before going on with my project, I'd like to know from people who actually did the installation. :)

I have a Renthal bar (Jimmy B. bend) with home made risers, 1.5 inch up and 1.5 inch forward.

I'd like to keep the high position of the bar, but it seems that the GPR need to be installed with the handlebar at its original place on the triple clamp. Any comment ?

Is there a handlebar that offers a higher position than the one I have ?

I want to keep the standard size bar, any shortcoming I should know ?

All info is welcome


I think it will be pretty tough to keep your bar position the way it is,but the GPR 2.0 stabilizer will get you pretty close. It mounts under the handelbars and raises the bars about an inch. If you mounted a GPR stabilizer above the bars, you would have to go back to a shorter height because the stabilizer post is not long enough and would be weakened if used at a higher bar position. Do you have an aftermarket top clamp? Check the 2.0s out at

Do you have an aftermarket top clamp

No I don't.

I checked on the link, and it seems that the GPR 2.0 should be the one.

Now I need to know if the gpr 2.0 will fit my wr 426 2002.

I'd like to keep the raised position of my handlebar, but the old version of the gpr fits on top of the bar, lowering it.

The 2.0 seems to be the choice, but will it fit well?



You will have to get a whole top clamp/stabilizer combo, the 2.0 will not fit the stock WR426 top clamp. Any stabilizer is well worth the money, and GPR's customer service is second to none. :)

You will have to go with an aftermarket clamp if you go with the GPR 2.0. The 2.0 setup raised my bars an inch but that also moves the bars back a bit (not sure how much.) I'm not sure if the GPR 2.0 can be moved forward a bit on the clamps; that would be a question for GPR. I do, however, LOVE my setup. GPR 2.0 with CR High bend Fly Aero Taper bars. I'm 6'2" and I love the roomy, wide open feel. :)

GPR 2.0

Check out the W.E.R. stabalizer, it mounts below the steering stem, not above it. It would have zero effect on your current bar setup. I think carries this setup.

You are right,

If I want to go with the gpr 2.0 I need the top triple clamp. Which translate too much more $$ coming out of my not so deep pocket, app 950.00 cdn.

Do you know of any means of fitting the standard gpr (600.00 cdn) with a stock size bar while keeping a 1 inch rise ? I have homemade risers that elevates the bar 1.5 inch up and 1.5 inch forward, I will have to get rid of them if I use the standard gpr, thus loosing my current set up.

Is there a higher bar than the Jimmy Button bend ?


Any pics of that home made riser, Vainman :)

I don't have a digital camera yet, but I know a friend who has one . I'll take some pictures and try to post them.

Do not despair :)

I have a 01WR426. I had GPR install my kit for me at Glen Helen. They supplied the Stabilizer, new DH1 top triple clamp, bar clamp, and all mounting hardware. I run Pro Tapers. In order to run the Pro Tapers with the stock clamp I had to buy a mounting kit which raised the bar about an inch. Everything felt good.

The new setup is so much better. The DH1 upper triple clamp is a sweet blue item. It is also adjustable. The stock upper triple was not. The bar clamp is also blue and is killer. These items allowed me to run my oversized bars. It also kept them about the same height. I got the bolt on mounting kit. There was some minor grinding that needed to be done for it to fit perfect. It also helped me easily access my dip stick. I spent 520$ bucks on this set up and would do it again in a second. The performance and stability it gives me are well worth it. I would recommend spending the money on this upgrade any day. It may seem pricy but it is so worth it.

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