XR650R road gearing?

Any XR650R owners that have converted their XR to a road machine or supermotard machine can recommend front and rear sprocket size that is ideal for riding in the street and highways?

Stock gearing of 14/48 can get decent top speed, but I want to minimize the engine stress if I keep the bike rolling at 75+mph on highways. I was thinking of going to 15/42 or even 40.. I wonder if that would lug the engine at low speed?

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I bought a 44 rear, which I've run with a 15 up front. With that gearing, you can cruise 75 all day easy, and you'll be able to go 'bout 120 if you need to race any harleys on the freeway. Don't get aluminum like I did, it's too soft. If you go beyond 44/15 (say 40/15), your 1st gear will be ridiculously too tall, and you'll wear your clutch out launching off the line, although the bike has enough torque to pull it. It's fun to blow past cars on a dirt bike cruising at 90... people will think you're insane! :)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that if you don't take my recomnedation, and do drop below 44, you'll need a shorter chain. You better get a new seat too and/or bike shorts 'cause your butt's gonna be sore as hell sitting on that thing all day.

My 00' XR650RR Motard has a 15/39 currently. I don't have any problems down low, getting off the line, etc. Power only wheelies in 1st and second are no problem, 3rd with a little tug. No speedo so I can't tell you the actual speeds, but it's plenty fast for the freeway. Oh yea, I do have an HRC motor (cam, piston, valves, porting, etc...).

I will be looking into an Ironman 15/43 combo soon as I am more concerned with responce at lower speeds and wheelies in 4th and 5th gear. Hope this helps.

how many links will I need to take out if I'm going to a 15/42 gearing?

Magilla; how many links are you running with 15/39 gearing on your supermotard bike?

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