Weight of a WR450 Flywheel

I just installed a YZ exhaust cam in my 03' WR450 and maybe I am a powerhog but I am not noticing much of a difference. I am currently doing a lot of motocross so I am looking for more snap toward the low/low mid of the powerband. In the mid to upper the bike is great, but it was before the cam upgrade.

A rider friend has a 03 YZ450 and a 99 WR400 and told me that is maybe because of the heavy flywheel of the WR450.

Does anyone know the weight of a WR450 flywheel compared to a YZ450 flywheel? And any suggestions/solutions to my problem are welcome as well. Thanks.

I hear ya...I think the bike could use some help getting into the power quicker, especially at the track. After riding both the 03 YZ450 and CRF450 I wanted my WR450 to have some of that low-end instant hit. I'm getting tired of those guys getting the jump out of the corners, particularly when there is a rhythm section right out of a hairpin. And, I figure with electric start, if stalling increases out on the trail, I can easily restart. I'll take the chance if it means more throttle response. I checked with Steahly with the same question about flywheel weight and they didn't know offhand how much it weighed, but said that it was heavy and machining down the flywheel is the best bet. As much as 6 to 8 ounces would be a good start (of course it depends on where you remove the material). I asked if their kits for the YZ450 are meant to mimic the WR flywheel and they said no, that the WR flywheel was still heavier. Next Tuesday I'm pulling the flywheel and having it machined.

The flywheel weighs 2.6 pounds.

Cool. Now if we just new the weight of a 03' YZ450 flywheel, we would be set. At least for mentally knowing the difference. If you can only safely modify the flywheel so much then that is what we have to go with. Thanks.

Did you get your flyweel machined yet ?

if so who did it and how much did they machine off ? :):D

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