Quiet Pipes Save Trails

Anybody know what would be the most quiet pipe for an uncorked XR650R?? Not just to meet the 96 dB requirements, I mean sneak up behind hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail quiet! :)

sneak up behind hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail quiet

Be careful, not sure what area of the PCT you are referring to, but in WA you can get in big trouble for riding PCT on a dirtbike.

That's an awesome idea, actually, I've ridden on that trail a bit. Stock pipe is probably the best. Fact is, most of these lands that have been closed to everyone except the hikers and horses (that crap all over the trail), very rarely get used. They're empty 99% of the time. So if you just cruise along quietly, don't spin the tire, no one will ever know, or care. As I'm a decent, mature, trail riding kind of guy, it pisses me off when adolescents on 2 smokes raise hell and give us all a bad name. Oh well, that's life.

Stock pipe with a Baja Baffle from Baja Designs is probably the best bet.


Lot different story up here as far as getting caught... PCT is heavily used by horses and hikers. I've rode horses on it several times and traffic is pretty consistent and the treehuggers on it would freak out if they ever saw a bike on it. I would expect to get ticketed if I tried to ride it in WA. Sounds like you cali guys can get away with it, pretty lucky.

I would give anything for the PCT to be opened up to dirtbikes. I think they should at least allow sections of it be opened for us. Horses can do quite a bit of damage when conditions are wet, especially on hill sections, so it seems only fair to let dirtbikes ride as well. Further, I've noticed that a lot of the hiker/horse only trails get multiple "lanes" going where obviously people are going off trail for some reason and end up creating new paths. Often the forest service has to gate off these paths and post reminders not to go off trail. Sometimes we do this in "bad" sections where you need multiple attack lines and I think that is reasonable, but I've seen the hikers/horsers do this in perfectly flat areas where there is no reason to go off path. so it seems the hikers/horsers do as much damage as we do on these type of trails??

anyways, I would be careful with riding in these areas. not to say that I am an angel and have never rode trails that I shouldn't have, but getting caught not only means a fine for you but can give us a bad name.


You are absolutely right. Here where I live, ALL riding trails have been close to mountain bikes and dirt bikes, but they still allow horses. I'm talking about the Santa Cruz mountains mostly. Generally the horse people in this area are politically well connected/richer have those 2 million dollar houses in the hills... and they do what they want. I go hiking up there and see horse crap all over and the trails are torn up and there's these rich guys Galloping along full speed ahead. So now I get to drive 3 plus hours (usually more) to try and go riding where I won't be a criminal. The closest places to ride, Hollister or Carnagie are so over used and torn up.. filled on weekends with multitudes of idiots on ATV's and 2 smokes I don't even go anymore. Do I sound bitter? Hell, 20 years ago I used to ride up in the SC mountains on my XT500 and drop in on a nice trail and ride around for hours. Ok, I better stop... :)

I was merely kiddin' :) about riding the PCT. I'm pretty sure it's not legal for a wheel of any kind to touch it any where, WA, CA, or inbetween. I do have a couple of friends that have ridden some sections in north CA though. I don't want to even begin to talk about how much like equestrians.

However, I'm still really interested in a super quiet pipe that offers stealth for the uncorked BRP. Is the White Brothers E-Serise the way to go?

The stock pipe with the baja Baffle. The E-series will not pass the sound test.

I was merely kiddin' about riding the PCT

:D You got me on that one... I had been thinking "this guy is crazy trying to get away with riding on the PCT" :D:)

Yeah, sorry, I was just dreamin' out loud...that trail is a nice beautiful single track dirt highway though... :)

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