Fork bushing question

I'm changing the fork seals on my 2009 YZ450 after 50 hours. I have new seals and wipers but didn't order the bushings. After getting the forks apart I'm thinking of replacing the bushings, but the nearest shop sells Honda.

My question is could I use Honda bushings on a YZ450. After looking up part numbers on Rocky Mountain, the Race Tech part number for inner and outer bushings is the same for the 09 YZ450 and the 09 CRF 450. Looking for advice.


They should interchange. Looking at yours, what is the indication that you need them? The bearing side is coated with a Teflon-like material that normally has a slightly pitted look, but usually wears very little. The back side (inside of the upper and outside of the lower) has a two layer bimetal coating. If you see copper showing through the white metal, there is a small amount of wear there, and it may be worth doing.

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