Hi all,

Just had my knee surgery this last Wednesday. Cleaned up some torn ligs., torn cart., and removed some of the arthritis that is starting to infest my 45 year old body. Everything is going well so far but have not gotten into the intense therapy yet. Not looking forward to that :)

The ortho says he can get a good knee brace past the insurance company without a problem. I would like to get some additional info on what knee braces you are using and the pros and cons of it. I have heard that the CTI2 and the Asterisk are very good ones. I would still like to hear the your opinions.

Thanks in advance, Ernie

IMO, those are the two best choices. Try to get a left and right if you can.

Yeah, I agree. I forgot to mention that in my email to you. Get a pair! It'll be worth it that one time you slam your good knee down and the brace saves it too!!



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I have also had good success with the XO-Skeleton braces.

Check my review here:

Good luck, and take care of those knees, I was thinkin on getttin grease nipples installed in mine, then right before every ride you just give a squirt and their good to go. Only problem was the girl friend said my knees were ugly enough without the grease nipples. Ha Ha !!!


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When you say moving around, what do you mean?? Is it getting loose?? Have you lost weight?? Are the straps failing??



Hope all is going well after surgery! Rehab will be a piece of cake, as far as your braces go I would agree with the others you do need two. As far as what kind I personally have a pair of the cti2's and they are just AWESOME!!! Custom fit to perfection and it took about 5min's to adapt to them. Blew my whole knee out in oct of 2000 the Dr. let me start riding in april thought that was cool! By the way I'm a 41yo vet rider. Dont know what I would do without my braces.

Best of Luck to Ya........Dennis

I have a blown right knee, missing my ACL and loose. Just putting off surgery, so I ordered a set from Asterisk. They look first rate on quality, but have'nt got to try em yet becuase i'm waiting on wrist surgery to mend. The asterisk cell brace is not considered a medical brace, so you may have to work with your insurance company to get it covered. Good Luck :)

I'll add my two scents on this one. I recently purchased a pair of the Asterisks.

I can't compare them to anything else but I'll share my observations. The quality and design in my opinion is first rate. If you compare these to most other braces (ctiII's included) you'll notice that these are one of the only designs offered with knee cups. They're also lighter than most other offerings. I've ridden with them three times now and they're very comfortable. I forget I have them on now. They came with some quality under-socks and extra pads. They are also adjustable. I give them 2 thumbs up! Hope this info helps. Personally, I wouldn't ride without them. You can choose whatever you think is best, but choose something!


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I was scheduled for an ACL last year, and without my CTI 2 I would have never been able to ride. It has been moving around more than I care for, but you can send them in for a tune up ( replace the straps etc.), overall I 'm happy with it.

So far, I have received several e-mails as well as the replies posted here. I have read some brutal but what I believe to be honest opinions. I appreciate the honesty.

:D Hopefully I'll have my fat and slow pillsbury doughboy butt back at the track soon to get back into shape. I just hope it isn't one of you who lands on my biscut while landing the jump. :)

Thanks again, Ernie

what is the price behind each suggested brand of knee brace?

where does insurance come in? not? can it be considered preventative w/ insurance? versus reactive due to injury?

please help!!!


Because I use the brace EVERY time I ride, it's just plain wore out, not the fiberglass part, just the replaceable velcro straps and the foam pads are well used , it tends to slide down my leg a little. I was suppose to send it in for its tune up ( new staps and pads) but the thing is so good that I can't ride without it.


Look at the link in my post above. It has the prices for all the braces except the EVS (I think). As for insurance I'm not sure which it will cover but I know that some have gotten CTI2s through insurance. Mine wouldn't cover any even after knee surgery. They claimed that giving me braces is "like giving me permission to go out and hurt myself". Thanks for the help, why am I paying insurance again?



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"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

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