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BritishColumbia Hands-on training endorsement class to meet OR requirement.

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Many of us from BC head down to Oregon to play in the dunes. Beginning January 01, 2012 all youths (15 yrs and under) will require a hands-on training endorsement on their Oregon All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Card.

To get this endorsement there are two options.

1- Take accredited training in Oregon

2- Take a hands on training course approved by ASI, MSF or Canadian Safety Council, then fax in the “Training Endorsement Request” form with copy of proof of the course taken.

From: http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/ATV/Hands_on_training.shtml

“Already Trained?

Those who have already received hands-on training via ASI or MSF (or the Canadian Safety Council) and have completed the on-line safety training (above) have already met this requirement and can get a new, endorsed, ATV Safety Education Card at no cost now! Just send us a copy of the card provided by the hands-on instructor with an application and we’ll do the rest.”

I am thinking that it would be much easier to get this taken care of in the Lower Mainland before heading down in 2012.

Does anybody know of anywhere or anybody offering this in the Lower Mainland? I would like to get this taken care of for my kids.

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