What is largest Rr sproket I can use with 13T Fr?

Hey Ya'll I just did a search and there is a ton of talk on gearing but I couldn't find a definate answer to my question: What is the largest rear sprocket I can put on the rear if I run a 13T on the front with stock chain (110 links I guess)? I have 14/48 now.

The chain isn't too worn so it has plenty of adjustment back to go but I'd hate to spend money on a larger rear sprocket and find its too large and I'd have to buy a longer chain as well to use it?

For curiosity has anyone run a 15/48 on stock chain length. I'd like to be able to change the fronts as needed for different situations but thats a differnt story, what works with the 13T front is my main concern



Someone here will have the specific answer to your question, but what I can tell you is that you shouldn't need to go much bigger (if at all) on the rear if you use 13 in front. It's better to slip the clutch. Go too big in the rear, you'll be revving the bike out in 5th at 45 mph, spinning the tire, and will actually go slower. I've learned to leave the bike in a gear and let the torque do the work. After all the changes I've made in the past to sprockets, I've gone back to stock (14/48) because it's the best all round gearing... once you learn to slip the hell out of the clutch when needed and ya, the clutch is strong enough to take it if you replace the wimpy clutch springs.

That may be the case, Jeff_sj, but as of now I am riding trails that I rarely see 3rd gear and the guys I am riding with are slower on the streets so I thougt I may be able to spare some speed! Heck ya'll may tell me that its too torquy. I just put an edelbrock carb on and the low end is amazing but I'd just like a little closer gear ratio overall. I haven't changed to stiffer clutch springs either. I was waiting until I have to change the clutch for the first time and do it all at once. But like I said with the people I ride with I can surely spare the speed. I'd like to keep the chain length as is so I can always put my 14/48 back on for days when I trailer it to faster trails! Maybe I'll just try the 13t alone and see how that goes before I buy a new rear but I'd still like to know for future reference.



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