YZ450F FasstCo Flexx Handlebars Questions

Do any of you YZ450 riders out there have handguards installed on your YZ450s with the Flexx handlebar system from FasstCo? If anyone does could you put some pictures up of your controls and how the handguards are mounted please?

I am trying to mount a set of enduro engineering hand guards up to my 03 YZ450F and I am running into an interference between the banjo bolt and brake line from the front brake with the inboard mount on the right hand bar and looking for suggestions or ways others have overcome this issue.

Thanks for looking (and hopefully replying),


Don't have pics or flexx bars but had the same problem however I didn't need much clearance so I just bent the metal part of the line up a little. You can also cut the little aluminum tab off of master cyliner and loosen bolt, turn line, and tighten......this is of course if I am picturing your issue correctly.


You're definitely thinking of the issue I am having. I think I may have figured out a way to make it work but I won't be able to try it until tomorrow or Friday night. I was looking at my hand guards and it looks like I may just be able swap sides which will invert the bend and may give me the clearance I need for the brake line etc.

Here's hoping!


I had the same problem with my cycra setup with oem protaper bars. I used a BFH + bench vise to make clearance. :smashpc:

I had the same problem with my cycra setup with oem protaper bars.
Same here, but I used two big Crescent wrenches and a vise to reshape the hand guard so that it would bolt up at a lower angle on the inboard end, and then filed the square corner off the mount bracket.

Nice! At least I see that it is a common issue with installing handguards onto the YZ450 as opposed to me just not thinking hard enough. I will likely get creative tonight and get the handguards installed. I'll post up how things turned out.


Well I got them installed tonight. I wound up using tech24's idea and cutting the bottom tab off the brake master and then rotated the brake line downward to provide clearance for the mounting hardware. Not exactly what I was hoping had to be done but they are on the bike and that is what I wanted after all.

Thanks for the replies!


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