TM Designworks Chain Slider


I rode Cal Poly DS (175 miles) behind a WR with the TM set up (Paul Krause's '00 ISDE bike that my friend bought) - that thing is way noisy. It took me 50 miles to figure out that the TM stuff was the source of the noise and that neither of our bikes were about to blow.

I'm not sure the life is worth the noise - it would drive me absolutely nuts.


I had heard they are loud but wow I didn't realize it would be that much louder! Maybe I'll hold off a while and keep my eyes peeled (or ears open) for a bike with one at the desert or track and see how loud it is for myself. I've heard they do get quiter after they wear grooves into the material. I'm still interested in where I can get the best price or even where I can get one in general.




When in doubt, GAS IT!

They are noisy for the first 500 to 700 miles until the chain begings to cut a grove in them. After a little grove is cut by the chain it gets quieter. I replaced 4 stock chain gards in the first Yr. Went to the TM Design product and its still on the bike an working well 15 months later. It works good but is loud initially.


I put a $13 UFO Chain slider on my bike about 4 rides ago and imagine this I already have to replace it. Gotta love high quality parts!! I posted a ? about this a while back and I looked through those posts and only a couple people said the price range. Anyone know the best place to get one of these cost wise? I'm also thinking about getting the chain block also since it looks like mine is getting down there too. What did you guys pay and where do you suggest getting these from?




When in doubt, GAS IT!

Mine’s as quiet as a mouse. Or maybe I’ve gone deaf. I’ve got about 100 hours on the block, slider and rollers (like $200 for the kit) and they look like they’ll go another 100 minimum. I bent the stock guide a few times, once bad enough to spit my chain off. If you break the TM piece I believe they will replace it.

Ask them yourself: TM Designworks 541-535-1612

I’ve heard of guys extending the life of “normal” sliders or arm guards by filing down the swingarm weld underneath the guard. It makes sense, the original on mine wore through right where the raised weld is.

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