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2011 250 exc-f spring rates

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I have a 2011 250 exc-f and need to sort the shock and fork springs to my weight, which is 235 plus riding gear

A mate of mine has given me an 8.4 shock spring and some fork springs ( a set of 4.4's and also a set of 4.8's)

After speaking with triple d (and not mentioning the springs ive been given) they reckon to order a 7.6 shock spring, but Ive put the 8.4 on and measured the sag and with the static set to exactly 35mm as in the book, the riding sag is 113mm which doesnt seem miles off (in fact it suggests to me that its still on the soft side). So will I be ok with that spring please?

Also, which of the 2 fork spring rates of 4.4 and 4.8 would be best for me?

For info my riding is mediocre club level


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