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Clutch problem from cold start ? ?

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Hi all,

I have recently got my bike back from dealer after some major engine work (crankcase opened up). Engine is now sweet running normally.

Problem is now I have a clutch problem, but only when the bike is cold.

For the first 5-10 mins of riding from cold I have no clutch control. Lever feels loose with no pressure to operate the clutch – making the bike very difficult to control.

Bike is 450 EXC 2010 model fitted with hydraulic Brembo clutch. I’m guessing the system has not been bleed correctly, and has air in the system? Bit strange that when hot it operates fine??

I have just got hold of a syringe to attempt the reserve bleed technique, any tips would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


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ok, so I've bleed the clutch a couple of times. Still having the same problem. Clutch feels perfectly normal when cold AND when fully up to temperature. But from cold , as soon as I pull away I loose all pressure on clutch lever for about 5-10 mins before clutch behaves normally again:banghead::busted:

Have I just got a air bubble problem?

The KTM dealer says possible o ring in slave gone, seems odd that it only started doing this since the engine has been out?

I have bought some new o rings, and have removed the slave cylinder now. I have taken a couple of photos below,

I'm guessing its normal for oil to be behide the slave as in picture?

Now I have the slave off, could do with some pointers on how to dissasemble the slave. Does the rubber diaphram just pull out and how do remove the ball bearing and piston? Just want to check before I guess and damage something.



Thanks :busted:

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