2011 yz450 3rd gear

anyone feel that 3rd on their 2011 is not broad enough compared to other bikes they have owned or riden ? I ride the same track pretty much all the time and even though my laptimes have gotten better ( im happy bout that ofcourse ) , i feel like 3rd is winding out faster than it should ???? using stock mapping ......any suggestions ???

Drop a tooth or so on your rear sprocket......

For the sake of scale and reference, YZ450's have the same transmission from '06 to date.

If third runs out on you too fast, you have two choices:

Gear up, which will mean second will be taller, too, as will everything else, and you'll shift less often, or...

Gear down, shift more often overall, but possibly find that you stay in one gear for longer sections of the track.

Think about what gears you use where, and when and how often you shift now, and imagine what it would be like either higher or lower, then try something.

I do agree that third winds out pretty fast. This bike has great low end, and pulls hard. (only added a Yosh pipe and a DT-1 cage and filter, to this point)

But, I actually am going up one on the rear, because I want to not have to use second in the slow corners, if possible. Compared to my modded 2001 YZ426, my '11 pulls so hard down low that second is a bit too much, and I'd have to really finesse it. I'd prefer to stay in third and be able to hit it harder. (vet rider) Milestone is not a high speed track, and with the way it is set up now I don't have to get out of third at all. There is one section where I do sometimes shift up to fourth to avoid revving it too high off a table top.

I know that I'll have to use fourth one or two places on the track, but it should help pull third a little bit better out of the slower corners. I'm curious to see how the new sprocket changes how it feels now. I don't imagine the difference will be large, but I'll experiment and see how it goes.

49t rear sprocket is the way to go, pretty much just put it in 3rd and go no need to shift down for slow corners.

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