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Need some fast help!

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I have the chance to pick up a complete front end of an XR 400 for dirt cheap. I know the XR's arnt the greatest either, but they are cartridge and do have the needed adjustability. Since I can get this set up for much less then gold valves should I buy it ?

Two things, I have no point of reference as to how good the gold valves are nor do I know what the XR's forks feel like. It's tough to get a real world review of this stuff since many people hold all forks up to the standard of the best full on MX forks, not real world in my opinion. My standards are a fork that will feel good for an above average mid 40's trail rider that only rides the tougher stuff fast (not expert fast) 15% of the time.

I very much like the idea of a longer for so once I add an 18" rim out back an can raise the height of the ground clearance a little. This is another selling point for me in going with different forks. Like I said for far less then the gold valves I'd be getting everything from forks, to wheel/tire, clamps, brake lever, caliper, and barke line.

Thanks in advance.

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