wr 400 gearing

I need help here gor front sprocket choice.i ride tight trail with roots and rocks.the stock 14-49 seem way too off, the 1 er gear too slow and 2sd too high. Should i go with the 13 for the front and get a more usable second gear or a 15 front and finally a:worthy: taller first gear:ride: anf taller overall tranny.....any past experience help would be helpfull.

Does anyone know if wr 400 and 426 are really the same.that way i could install a revloc or rekluse on my bike wich is not listed in their applications

please dont answer too many at the same time

what year is your bike? my stock is 14/50...

it is a '99 and i just bought a few month ago after more than 20 years away from dirt bikes.i am wondering if i am better with the 13 or 15 teeth front sprocket. right i have 14-49

I've always thought about going up to a 15 but i decided to keep it stock gearing during my rebuild, if your sure that 1st is too low i'd say a 15 but if since your in rocks/roots i don't know why anything would be to low...

oh and maybe try adjusting your clutch so you have more control with it... you might just be able to get 2nd gear not to be too tall if you slip the clutch

so you think a 13 would be too low overall,btw have you try those insert like Powernow or Boyesen butterfly that you put in your carb to improve bottom end power,btw i installed a '08 yz 450 carb and it is running fine but would not mind having more low end

no i haven't tried those...

Stock on that bike is 14/50. So someone already changed it. Are you sure that it doesn't have a 13 on it already? For tight nasty single track I run 13/50 and most of the time I'm in second and third and first is a emergency gear.

i end the season with my setup 14/49 but will change this winter and will order a 13,14 and 15 front sprocket and experiment with a 49/50 in the back thank you for yours advises

btw i do change the bike description down my message..they are from my old dr650 and...

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