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Front tire alignment after crash

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Hi, I went down on my 08 450R and put the front tire out of alignment. In the past I used to just kick it back into place with a friend or stand with the tire between my legs and jerk it back into place but I read on this site that doing so "is like crashing it back into place". So I didn't want to do that.

I used "chokey"s procedure which is:

Re-aligning the fork tubes and front wheel is actually a very simple procedure, but it needs to be done correctly, and you need to use a torque wrench.

1. Loosen the front axle clamps, and the axle nut.

2. Loosen the lower triple clamp bolts.

3. Grab a handfull of front brake. Pump the forks up and down several times, pushing them as far down into the travel as you can. You'll feel the action get smoother as the tubes re-align themselves.

4. Tighten the triple clamp bolts first. Use a torque wrench. Over-tightening these bolts by even a small amount distorts the tubes slightly, which will cause the bushings to pinch as the forks compress, causing a harsh mid-stroke spike in the fork action and wearing the coatings from the bushings and the tubes. Over-tightening these bolts by a lot will break the clamps.

5. Tighten the axle by holding the nut and spinning the axle with a hex socket on a torque wrench. This will ensure that the axle is perfectly aligned in the forks. Always use a torque wrench. Over-tightening the axle will shorten the life of the wheel bearings.

6. Tighten the axle clamps.

This method will ensure perfect fork tube alignment, which will in turn ensure correct front wheel alignment.

I found this in this thread: https://thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=643019&page=2&highlight=aligning+front+wheel

My problems are: I do not have a hex socket big enough for the axel, so how do I re-torque it? I was thinking I would just torque the axle pinch bolts down on the right side, then torque the axel. (That's how I got it off)

Also, pumping the suspension bring the tire into alignment, it wasn't moving at all. I put the tire inbetween my legs and moved it and it seems to have gone back into place. (Suspension seems stiffer too, should it be? It must be in my head, don't see how it would have changed..)

I was also wondering, when torquing the lower triple clamp bolts I realized that if I torque bolt 1, then bolt 2 if I go back to bolt 1 again it will turn a bit more before the wrench clicks...Is this over tightening it, or proper procedure?

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