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How to stiffen ttr 125l shocks

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The 2003 125L rear spring is best adjusted from the left side. A drift punch works ok. You should loosen the top ring first by drifting it counter clock wise then adjust the rear spring. Once you get it moved to where you think you want it then tighten the lock ring. Because of the leverage you even one full turn is a fairly substantial amount.

The shock has both rebound and compression damping adjustment. They are on the front down tube of the frame. You use a flat blade screwdriver to make them stiffer or softer. To understand what they are doing, count the clicks and turn one in until it stops. Test by pushing down on it. Then turn the same adjuster out until it stop and bounce the rear suspension. You will feel a difference in the speed that the bike responds. One screw will adjust the fluid flow through the shock as it compresses and the other screw will adjust the oil flow when the shock is expanding.

Generally you want to stiffen the shock valving if you are a bigger rider. The general idea is that you want the softest setting that will keep your rear wheel on the ground without the suspension bottoming or topping out on the biggest bump you ride on.

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