XR650L Oil Consumption??

I changed my oil for the first time (just bought the bike on Friday) and after 200 miles I checked the oil and found it was nearly a quart LOW!! I've never seen any smoke from the bike and the plug doesn't show any signs of oil burning. Any clues?

I'm wondering about my routing of the crankcase vent tube when I took off the smog pump. I just used the tube coming from the airbox to the smog pump and connected it to the crankcase vent. Could it be pulling too much vacuum and sucking oil out through the vent? The bike is a 2000 model with only 3500 miles, so I just can't believe it's burning oil.

Any help would be appreciated.



I have to ask...are you checking the oil level correctly for that bike? Does it carry oil in the backbone of the frame?

If so, you have to run the bike for a few minutes to pump all the oil out of the bottom end, (shut the bike off)then check the oil level...If you don't run the bike first, the oil has slowly drained into the engine cases, and appears low when checked.

You had to ask... :)

Oil?? What's that? :)

Yes, I'm running it before I'm checking the oil. :)


BRPs are not known oil-eaters....

Stupid question - whats a BRP?

Big Red Pig, like ralph cline just faster and smarter :):D its a 650R or L usually refers to the R

Oil?? What's that? :D

Black Gold, Texas Tea, oil that is. :)

I won't believe you if something similler just didn't happen to me! I changed my oil at 500 miles on my new 03, since then I have 1400 miles. Preping for a big rid in PA I checked my oil and noticed yesterday that my oil was so low it didn't register but on the very tip of the oil dip stick?

When I did the oil change I put in a new filter and two quarts of oil just like the manual said to. I have no leaks so can only venture a wild guess and say it was burned while my bike was still in the "break in" period, with piston and all. Anywas I added just 14 ounces of oil which was enough for the oil level to go from the low tip area to almost the top near the "full" mark area. (It doesn't take much oil to make the difference.


900 miles and you added oil? When are you going to change it?Every 3,000 like your car?Xr's Only recommends every 200 miles.I was changing mine every 500 on my old L,now i change it every 250 miles.OIL is cheap,these things run Hot and that thrashes the oil,so as they say "you can pay me now or you can pay me later" :)

Here's another comment, did you check the oil at time of purchase? It might not have been completely full, or after riding the bike a while the oil got dissapated into more places in the crankcase and the engine. Also, if you ride at WOT all the time, you can definitely burn some oil.

Keep an eye on it.

Another thing, the amount of oil after an oil and filter change is a bit more than 2 qts. It's around 2.1. Add the oil the way the owner's manual says, check it, and keep adding just enough oil until the level is just at or below the high mark.

I got into this habit, on checking the oil, when I finish my ride I check the oil, that way it is warm/hot and you get a good reading, no reason to start it and run it for a couple or several minutes before the next ride as you have already checked the oil when you put it away unless there is a big puddle of oil under the bike. It seems like you never get it right on a cold start warm up anyway, everytime you check it the level is different. I use Mobil 1 synthetic Vtwin oil for air cooled engines.

I don't see any way that your bike could be using that much oil. The 650R is well known for NOT using much oil. Mine doesn't use enough to notice a loss on the dipstick between changes.

To get a good reading on the stick, ride the bike a few minutes, get it good and warm. Letting it idle is not the best way to do this. I've gotten faulty readings (low oil), from letting it idle a couple of minutes then checking it.. Get much better (higher) readings when I ride it a few minutes, shut it down, then real quick check the oil.

Don't overfill it or you can expect some real problems.

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