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04 KX125 engine in 03 frame? Please advise.

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Hi, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while trying to learn more about my latest bike. I recently bought my first ever green bike, a 2003 kx125 in pieces as a project, and am in the process of taking it the rest of the way apart and putting it back together. Anyway, I came across what appears to be a good deal on an 2004 complete kx125 engine and was wondering if it would mount in my 03 frame. I compared case part numbers (different) and head stay part numbers (same) and searched the forums here for an answer. So far I haven't found anything definitive. Obviously, there are some differences in the cases, but do those differences extend to the points where the engine mounts to the frame? Has anybody tried putting a 04 125 engine in a 03 frame or know whether or not it will work? Thanks!

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