lines on forks

I was giving my forks some tlc today and I noticed that there lines, similar to scratches but you cannot feel them, along the forks in a verticle direction. They are difficult to see, but if you get down to the forks with a florescent light in your hand then you can see them. I assume this is normal?

I have had problems with leaky fork seals. your post makes me want to check for this to see if that could be contributing to my recurring problem.

let you know...


I hope that it is not going to contribute to any leaks. My bike is brand new with only 3 or 4 hours of track time on it so I assume that this is normal. I was mostly curious to see if anyone else noticed something similar.

I have similar lines on my '00 426. I noticed them late last year (I got my bike new in May '00). They are bugging me too. It appears to be the chrome rubbing off of the forks. If it gets too bad and I am replacing seals like crazy I will attempt to have them rechromed. Let us know if anyone else has had any negitive effects of these lines.....



this is normal sir. Just load it in your truck go to the track and get it out, give it the gas and hang on hehehe...

If you can not feel the scatches, then you are ok.

Actually, you could lose fluid even if you think they're minor. Just went through it on a "brand new" set of WP forks. Neither one "grabbed" a finger nail, but they both leaked. Had to have PPS polish them out. Debris is usually the culprit. If you haven't already, you should probably change your fork oil, and have your local suspension guy look at them.

Actually the bike is brand new (had it on the track for the 3rd time today) so I do probably need to change the oil (post-break in change) but I doubt that it's full of dirt yet.. at least I hope not. Thanks for all of the replies!

Originally posted by sirthumpalot:

Actually the bike is brand new (had it on the track for the 3rd time today) do you like the bike???


Love it!! Definitely made the right choice. I'm new to MX but have ridden off road quite a bit on a 2-smoke, but never again. I do think that I will need to clean up my garage a bit to get enough room to work on this thing, but I think that would be true for any bike. I can't wait to get back to the track and ride some more!! :)

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