Fork oil level...

ok ok so it says mm on every where i've looked but anyone know how many oz?

It's going to take about 34-40 ounces to do both sides, but as you have seen, it isn't listed that way. Someone here may have measured out what they put in, however, so don't give up yet.

The measurement is taken with the spring removed, and both the damper rod and main tube compressed. Measure from the top edge of the tube down to the oil. If you don't have a tool to measure with, take a 6" piece of stiff wire or anything similar and bend a half inch of it into a 90 degree hook on one end. Make a mark at the desired oil level from that bend and use it as a dip stick.

No metric rulers? Divide the metric number by 25.4 for inches.

Thanks yeah I just have about 17oz in cause a bottle is 33.8 and I split it, one guy on another site said 19.2 but I want to confirm

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