How much oil does my 426 take

I have a new to me yz426f and I am doing my 1st oil change on it.

I drained the oil from both the frame and motor. Idk how much came out. I was told by the people at ride now all my bike takes is 1qt so I bought 2qts. I have both of them in and it still does not even show on the dipstick.

How much do I need?

And is it bad to mix oils. One qt it Honda 10-40 and the other is some thumper something 10-40?

I drained most into one of those oil pans where you cant see the oil and it had some oil in it before. Plus I spilled most of it so i hosed it down the driveway so I have no idea how much came out.

when I was checking and adding oil I didnt let it run 1st. Should I ride it then check it?

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Ok I just needed to run it 1st. I had to drain oil out.

Please answer the question: Where did you pour the new oil into the motorcycle?

The dip stick hole in the down tube

In that case it should have shown on the dip stick immediately whether you ran it or not. But if you poured oil in it and let it sit a day or more, the oil likely leaked down into the crankcase. You should always run the engine for a minute before checking.

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