Help me out!

I was riding the other day and I noticed a slight bog and hesitation when I would load my bike in a low gear. No big deal. Today went for a trail ride and after about 10 minutes it stalled. Got it running and it Ideled fine but I would but when I would burp the throttle it would die. I ran it back to our campsite but it would intermittently die only when I gave it full throttle. Btw sometimes it would run fine. Seemed to get worse the closer I got to our site. It feels like a fuel issue not so much elec. Any help would be great. Thx

a few things i would check,

start simple

water in the carb, plugged bowl vent, plugged or restricted fuel line

then go a little deeper

loose or fallen out main jet, and maybe check to see if your needle is staying down, float valve sticking

*plugged bowl vent* or vents. Clean them all out with a scribe.

check spark plug too.

It could be the gas tank vent. There have been a few cases where the gas tank fuel vent fails and doesnt allow air into the tank, causing fuel starvation.

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