Exhaust sounds on web in .wav format anywhere?

Just looking for someone or somewhere that has a 426's exhaust recorded in wav format or something similar..

Thanks again ppl :)

I have looked too...but have had no luck! Use persn to person file sharing programs like: IMesh or Morpheus (these are the 2 best programs)! Maybe someone has one all I have found is 2 smokes



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

No....that's not quite what i'm looking for.. I want like the starting line BRRRPPP Anyone with a 426 KNOWS what i'm talking about.. it's why we ride :)

Why not just make the ones you want ?

You can do them in MPEG format with a digital camera or record the sounds you want with a camcorder or other device and plug it into your computers sound card and record.

I have software made by Dazzle that will make wav. format from your camcorder, or any format you want....mpeg,wav.or Real.


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Beaumont, Tx.

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